Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art for the Future
Place: Part IV   Psychological

Photo: Robert Lerch (Pirate Pictures) and Marvin T. Miles

The Carnright-Puntigam Collaboration
John M. Carnright • USA
Dieter Puntigam • Austria

Carnright makes wooden sculptures whose cuts, shapes, structures and the embedding of such items as fossilized remnants of dinosaurs, sharks, ammonites, gems, nails and meteorites represent “the earth’s great past and it’s possible future.” The intensely worked planes symbolize a passing of time, like the geological stratas of the earth’s skin, and are meant to remind us of the need “to consider all our Earth has endured before making constant changes to it via wars, drilling, excavation, forest stripping, etc.” To these forms Puntigam’s adds a painted surface that exposes faces and symbols meant to express “human experiences thirsting for a constant freedom of being…[the] human need to shake loose the binding bricks and stones of [our] past lives, opening up a possibility to freely evolve without restraint…” In this way, the artists offer “an insight into humankind’s struggle to be free, to think and live on…Earth…A place where all life can live, develop and evolve without threat of suppression or abnormal extinction.”

Exhibition Venues:
Van Der Plas Gallery • New York City, New York, USA
December 2008
Van Der Plas Gallery, owned by Adriaan Van Der Plas, offers a mixture of “Outsider” and Contemporary Art by artists of international recognition.

Beethoven Castle • Gneixendorf, Austria
April 2008
The Beethoven Castle has several buildings on the estate and is owned by the Austrian architect Ernst Linsberger. The “lager house” was where the Carnright-Puntigam installation was exhibited.