2011 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts
presented by TransCultural Exchange
April 7 – 10, 2011

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MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology

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Attendee Reviews

From the 2011 Conference (Anonymous Surveys)

"I attended the TransCultural Exchange Conference last weekend and I am writing to say that it was the single most interesting, enjoyable, and productive conference that I have ever attended. It is very likely that it [is] the best conference that I EVER attended. In one weekend, I developed more relationships with international colleagues than I would have in five years if working alone. Since Sunday, I have already received invitations for two U.S. exhibitions and two international residencies starting in 2012. In addition, I formed relationships with many other artists working in a range of traditional and new media. As the name of the conference states, this was truly about an exchange of information, suggestions, and resources. It was the polar opposite of a pretentious atmosphere."

"You can change the world doing this!"

"It was great to interact with so many artists and arts professionals from Boston and abroad."

"Year after year, your conference gets more exciting, offering diverse opportunities to attendees. This year I met many directors, professors, residency program operators from different countries and shared valuable information with them. Also I got a great chance to be a mentor to over 25 artists. . . . Haslla will invite some of [these] artists from the Boston Conference to the 2011 Haslla Residency Program as a 'full fellowship' artists."

"Networking is our most important task at hand now, for a better understanding of our global differences and similarities, between all cultures, be it east or west, be it Middle East or Far East; artists all speak the same language of art!"

"I came away from the conference with scores of new ideas about what it can look like to be an artist and how to go about creating enriching, provocative and stimulating experiences for making new work, developing new ideas, and creating new opportunities for collaboration and exhibition."

"I have learned of many opportunities for collaboration, connection and funding that I was completely unaware of before this conference"

"I am still somehow overwhelmed by those many impressions, but especially by those very interesting people I've met in Boston. This is a journey of a lifetime, indeed."

"I now know more about residencies in the EU, which I'm very interested in applying to."

"We are on our way back to Philadelphia after a great nine months in Istanbul on a Fulbright. Not sure I would have ever thought about Fulbright or Turkey without the International Opportunities for Artists Conference. Thank you!"

From the 2009 Conference (Anonymous Surveys)

"As a former conference producer, I know what it takes to create an event of such complexity and magnitude, and I applaud the excellence with which . . .[the conference] was conceived, organized, and executed."

"It was amazing! I . . . . highly suggest that you invest in yourself two years from now and make it to the next conference."

"My experience of attending the TransCultural Exchange Conference as an artist and art educator was overwhelmingly positive. I received valuable information from attending all lectures by various speakers as well as excellent advice and feedback from each mentoring section."

"Your speakers were consistently inspirational."

"You succeeded in creating ‘the’ very international meeting of residences with this second issue of "international opportunities for artists!" This is the kind of events I wouldn't like to miss in the future – not only for the panel discussions, but also for the many informal conversations I could have with colleagues, artists and actors of the international art scene."

"Every day was packed with interesting and useful information."

"I was so exited in the conference. The coordination and the high class attendees were so great."

"I attended as many panels as I possibly could, met so many wonderful people, and needed to express my gratitude, to tell you that you brought together the warmest group of people I have ever encountered in all my years being in the academic world . . . On so many levels, the Conference has affirmed my life as a painter . . ."

From the 2007 Conference

"a very successful conference."
    - Marcus Patton, Director Curfew Tower (Northern Ireland), Conference Speaker

"I love what you are doing! I am a painter and have a degree in anthropology and so TransCultural Exchange speaks to my passions."
    - Joyce Conlon, Conference Attendee

"I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me know about this conference... I not only made some very good contacts, but I also had tons of fun, what else can I ask for?"
    - Silvia Poloto, Conference Attendee

"I have been to 3 other conferences this year... Yours was truly the best and the most elegent one. I enjoyed it a lot and made great connections."

"Once again, I was reassured about the power of women. The conference organization with all details benefited us all in our careers I believe."
    - Ilgim Veryeri Alaca (Turkey), Conference Speaker

"I felt privileged to be a part of it all."
    - Natasha Llorens, Conference Volunteer

"It was really amazing conference and I'm surprised how did you get all these people from all over the world together. Very IMPRESSIVE!"
    - Evelyn Muursepp, Visual Artists Coordinator, MoKS, (Estonia) Conference Speaker

"I, who had almost given up on conferences, thought it was terrific."
    - Joanna Branson, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Massachusetts College of Art

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was a wonderful enjoyable, inspiring and informative conference. Weather withstanding, I really had a good time, no, I had a marvelous time... The idea of bringing these artists and minds from many corners of the world to offer of themselves and their organizations ways to share and make this a more enjoyable and livable world was very impressive and has fostered and encouraged my appetite to keep on making and sharing my art."
    - Jason Fitz-Gerald, Conference Attendee

"It was a pleasure to be part of such an event, and I thank you for giving me an opportunity to present our program. I look forward to participating and attending in the future."
    - Xaviere Masson, Manager, International Laboratoire Programs, Conference Speaker

"It was an amazingly ambitious and complex enterprise... and a wonderful event for Boston to host. I hope you will continue this event in the future... It was highly stimulating to be in contact with so many people from around the US and the world."
    - Karen Moss, Conference Attendee

"I hesitate to be redundant with your peers, but the conference was fabulous!"
    - Ellen Piangerelli, Conference Attendee

"The conference was wonderful! It was so nice to meet other artists and to have the opportunity to meet the panelists from all over the globe. The hotel was beautiful and the written directions were easy to follow. Your efforts in providing such a stellar event are appreciated."
    - Susan Paszkiewicz, Conference Attendee

"This is one attendee that enjoyed all of the sessions that I could manage to physically attend."
    - Rebecca Darlington Townsend, Conference Attendee

"I wanted to personally thank you for organizing this event; I was able to glean much by way of information from the plethora of presentations, and made a few important contacts."
    - Marketa Klicova, Conference Attendee

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