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Artist Residencies

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Undecided Productions • Hanoi + Brussels, Vietnam + Belgium • https://undecided-productions.com/

Undecided Productions is a not-for-profit productions organization based in Hanoi and Brussels, specializing in cultural exchange projects that support emerging contemporary artists. 

Since partially relocating to Hanoi, Undecided has facilitated conversations with local, international and interregional artists and organizations in the form of events, residencies and assistance in production. Our largest Hanoi-based project has been the live.make.share residency program, in collaboration with Hien Van Ceramics. We create studio & living spaces to welcome foreign artists & art managers and explore opportunities for Vietnamese artists to travel internationally & inter-regionally with their projects. Undecided prioritizes initiatives that are socially engaged and sensitive, with a long-term focus, particularly if they are conceived by young, emerging artists. As managers we support artists' needs and create connections between wonderful, like-minded humans.