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Artist Residencies

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Tankwa Artspace Stonehenge Private Reserve, Calvinia, South Africa http://www.tankwaartscape.com/

Tankwa Artspace is an artist residency program based in Stonehenge Private Reserve.

 “We encourage collaboration between artists. Everyone who participates at and contributes to Tankwa Artscape is perceived as a creative – this specifically includes caterers, supportive assistants, photographers and videographers – we all come together to create something very special. This ‘sanctifies’ the creative space, ensuring consideration and participation from all as well as appreciation for all contributions. We encourage conversation across all art forms, Tankwa Artscape is a chance for all participants to converse, to ask questions, to discuss concepts, to laugh loudly, to share your experiences and to tell stories.”

Information above quoted from http://www.tankwaartscape.com/.