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Arquetopia Foundation International Artist Residencies • Mexico, Peru, and Italy • https://www.arquetopia.org/

Arquetopia Foundation is an internationally established, nonprofit arts and cultural foundation with a social scope that emphasizes critical thinking through artistic practices.

Arquetopia is distinguished worldwide for its array of unique residency programs with substantial mentoring and academic content customized to each resident. Our unique residency programs are based on a non-exploitative model promoting social consciousness, and our residency spaces function exclusively for productive art professionals, writers, academics, and researchers and include comprehensive, mentored and informative programs; a network of premier collaborative workspaces, institutions, and studios; and individualized project support. Our residency programs are process-oriented, and the core of the residency is a critical approach to artmaking, learning, and research. Our staff and international board of directors have designed a special curriculum for the residency programs that facilitates a critical dialogue between the artist’s practice and the context encountered. Artists-in-residence are introduced to a better understanding of Mexico, Peru, or Italy’s ancient and colonial past, its modern present, and while producing, they learn to challenge contemporary art and what are considered traditional art practices; therefore, Arquetopia aids this process with individualized mentoring, discussion, critiques, and a critical bibliography that are tailored to each artist’s needs. The ultimate goal is for artists to learn new methods and techniques while questioning their own practice in the hopes of extending the critical discussion to other communities