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RaumArs A-i-R • Rauma, Finland • www.raumars.org

The purpose of RaumArs is to take art out of museums and galleries, and to work in a social context to create innovative links between artists, individuals and communities.

“RaumArs is artistically widely ranged; it includes all visual arts (Fine Art & Contemporary including Craft & Design and Architecture), all Performing (Dance, Music, Theatre including Sound & Light design). Writers, Curators and Researchers are also welcomed. Annually 4–10 international or national artists are invited to work with local people and live in the city of Rauma. Artists are selected through an application process. During the residency artists create communal/public/environmental/site specific artworks. Moreover, artists have the possibility to create independent art works and to present their work in the form of an exhibition/performance/education/workshop/event during and at the end of the residency period. Exhibitions cannot be guaranteed, because RaumArs does not have a space of its own.”

Information above quoted from http://www.raumars.org/en/raumars/yhdistys.