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Kooshk Residency • Tehran, Iran • https://www.facebook.com/kooshkresidency

Kooshk residency, established in mid-2014, is a non-profit space for arts and culture in Tehran, providing a convenient space for artists, curators, researchers, writers and filmmakers to encourage inter-cultural dialogue and art creation.

“Kooshk strives to contribute to the development of Iranian art and culture through participation in international exchange programs with cultural institutes worldwide. These exchange programs allow the blending of cultures, provoke creativity and foster beneficial connections among nations. Kooshk welcomes and encourages qualified individuals from any discipline to contribute to the formation of this cultural movement by applying to use the facilities provided in Kooshk residences and studios. Participants in the Kooshk residency program can devote themselves to their art, exchange ideas and take part in the international exchange, partnership and awards programs while residing in a new country. Participants quickly become familiar with Tehran cultural and artistic atmosphere and build a vast network of artistic affiliations. Meanwhile, the complicated situations of Tehran and its rich cultural and artistic atmosphere can evoke inspirations for upcoming researches and art creations. Visiting artists’ workshops, open studios, artist talks and educational activities scheduled for exchange programs facilitate making specialized connections of attendants with Iranian artistic and cultural associations and groups.”

Information above quoted from http://kooshkresidency.com/about-kooshk/.