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Fondazione Sormani/Prota-Giurleo • Sormano, Italy • https://www.fondazionesormaniprota-giurleo.it

The Fondazione Sormani/Prota-Giurleo, which is not for profit, proposes the pursuit of social solidarity in the territorial context of the Lombardy region, promoting initiatives in the field of culture and art, protecting the historical and artistic heritage.

“The house of paintings is conceived as a reference point and place for the conservation of works by Giovanni Sormani, Antonio Sormani and Antonella Prota-Giurleo and contemporary artists. The Foundation promotes the direct and indirect collection of funds to be disbursed together with the income deriving from the management of assets in favor of projects and initiatives referred to above; it promotes and implements forms of collaboration and integration with projects of other non-profit organizations that work for the civil, cultural and social growth of the community; it promotes greater awareness of the needs and potential of the territory through research, studies, conferences, seminars, publications and periodicals.”

Information above quoted from https://www.fondazionesormaniprota-giurleo.it/wp/chi-siamo/.