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Ville de Braine • Braine, France • https://braine.fr/

Ville de Braine is a small town of 2,291 inhabitants, the capital of the southern canton of Aisne.

“Near Soissons, between Laon and Château-Thierry, Ville de Braine is located on the royal road where the Kings of France used to be crowned, and where Joan of Arc passed. In a green valley carved out of the plateau, which dominates the Aisne Valley, Braine’s 12th century abbey church stands on the banks of the Vesle, facing the plain. First called Brennacum, Braine lost this notoriety to gain another, Brennos – a Celtic name of the raven that later became Braine, designated a Gallic with particularly black hair who transmitted his name to the locality. As a tribute, a raven on a gold field still figures today in the city's coat of arms. This city, steeped in history, ravaged by the First World War, still reveals many sites to discover.”

Information above quoted from https://braine.fr/en-bref/.