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Clear Blue Skies • Global • www.clearblueskies.co

Clear Blue Skies project is a collection of photos of the sky, taken around the same place, at around the same time, once or twice a week.

“The Clear Blue Skies project is a virtual and collaborative project with artists, creatives and others around the world, to document the color of the sky as the world goes through large social changes from dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. The origin of this idea was a photo of the sky in London taken by a friend, who said the color was so much clearer, and reminded her of when she was a child. It seemed like a good starting point to document the sky in big cities and manufacturing centers around the world as global economic activity shifts radically. Hopefully this project is also a site to bring all of these locations together, through our shared sky, at these times when we need to remember our shared custodianship of this planet.”

Information above quoted from https://clear-blue-skies.weebly.com/about.html.