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UN/CUBE Gallery • Global •  https://www.uncube.org

UN/CUBE is independent, artist-run, virtual gallery (based in Switzerland), with an avant-garde curatorial approach.

UN/CUBE was spontaneously born from the pandemic crisis, during the general, worldwide lockdown, with the purpose of offering an open platform for all female-identifying and non-binary artists whose work is more process- than product-oriented. Our small, virtual group exhibitions convene 5-8 artists ‘randomly’, who are encouraged to curate their own show, generate a dialogue and communicate with each other. We promote live, online performative events with the intention of evoking a collective experience of art appreciation, and offering a strategy to break out of the white cube situation, where media arts are accessible and appealing only for a handful of people. Media, and especially performative arts are all about engagement, and the inclusivity of the online space makes that effortless. The image attached is a screenshot of our very first live online event: the result of an exceptional, remote collaboration between Heini Nieminen visual artist based in Finland, Nela Kornetová performer and Jan Husták video artist based in Norway, and Endre Kertész musician based in Hungary. Today UN/CUBE already hosts its fourth group show, and our community grows organically.