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Translation is Dialogue • Helsinki, Finland • https://www.translationisdialogue.org

Translation is Dialogue is an art installation that generates a new project every time it is presented, as each Translation is Dialogue phase centers around the inspiration drawn from a verbal description of a dance performance, which the artists or participants then reinterpret and create for the installation.

“To date Translation is Dialogue has enabled over 300 art pieces to be realized and shared in a multitude of mediums ranging from visual, video, and textiles, to sculptural, sound and performance arts. This project focuses not only on the art that is produced but the theoretic and productive process of creating. Translation is Dialogue originated as an academic paper and presentation at the Art in Translation conference in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2010. It has expanded to interactive installations, exhibitions and performances, as well as educational workshops. Each step of the Translation is Dialogue series strives to challenge existing accessibility, dialogue, and participation in multidisciplinary art and the multiple languages in which we ingest and conceive; translate and share them.”

Information above quoted from https://www.translationisdialogue.org/about-tid.html.