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southlondonmuseum (SLM) • London, United Kingdom • http://www.southlondonmuseum.com

The South London Museum is not a mausoleum, it is a muse that exists as a library of ideas, projects and future collaborations.

We are excited to embark on our new sound art work 'IN but OUT', which emerged from the #thefablefiles project on Instagram. The idea was to share, connect with artists all over the world through their favorite proverbs in these challenging times. The project remains live and you are still welcome to email your favourite proverb or quote to the artist. For the 'IN but OUT' project, we invited callers to leave their favorite sayings that stuck with them over the years as a voice message on our answering machine. We all have them and sometimes need to hear them again. Is the answering machine out of date when more people are at home during the pandemic, or can we still be ‘unavailable’ at times? Alma Tischlerwood is a visual artist, founder member of artist collective foreign-investments.com (FI). Her individual and the artist collective works have been shown in numerous international exhibitions in the US, Hong Kong, Europe, India, Brazil and Switzerland as well as Biennales in Venice, Turkey and Liverpool, UK. We are always open to collaboration on projects, events such as corporations or in relation to the environment in which we live.