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Gruppo 78 International Contemporary Art • Trieste, Italy • https://www.gruppo78.it/

Born in 1978 from the common interests of a group of artists and intellectuals, Gruppo 78’s main objective is to promote new voices in contemporary art.

“In the first area, Gruppo 78 has identified and promoted new local artists, now established, some supported by prestigious galleries, creating countless exhibitions, in collaboration with local bodies or with private individuals. From 86 to 97 it led the ‘Minimum intentions’project with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Muggia (adjacent to Trieste), bringing national and international expressive forces to the site, and promoting exchanges with neighboring countries (especially Slovenia and Austria). Among other things, it created ‘Nero materico’ ('87), ‘Galaxia’ ('87), ‘Female concert’ ('87), ‘London passim’ ('88), the operation ‘Arte Debole’ ('88 / 89), ‘The postdialectical Index’ ('91) with Italian and American artists, ‘Achtung auf den Zug,’ with 35 Italian artists ('95), ‘Imaginary other’ ('96). In the same '96 there began the international cycle of ‘Natura Naturans,’ the first time with 81 artists from 10 different countries, then followed by ‘Realfiction,’ ‘Transformation,’ ‘Work in progress’ (which coincided with the twentieth anniversary of the Group and sees the realization of a large exhibition celebrating the event and its catalog with the register of the entire activity). All exhibitions are accompanied by international catalogs.”

Information above quoted from https://www.gruppo78.it/storia/.