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artAZ • Athens, Greece • www.artaz.gr

artAZ is a cross-cultural art platform with a mission to make Contemporary Art accessible to everyone.

artAZ is the first online art platform in Greece, promoting artistic talent, forging collaborations and creating bridges between the local and global art scenes since 2007. Through a diverse program of exhibitions, art projects and events we infuse art into the everyday and build meaningful relationships between artists and audiences. We enable artists to reach their full potential and champion emerging talent through our coaching and mentoring programs. Channeling the power of art to bring positive change in the world is another key aspect of our philosophy. We specialize in conceiving charity initiatives, community programs and benefit events that deliver meaningful results. “SURPRISE”, our signature art campaign, mobilizing art as the solution to major social issues, is the longest-standing, most popular charity art event in Greece, active also in Latin America. Our aim is to make life more beautiful, one artwork at a time.