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PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) • Perth, Australia • pica.org.au

PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) is both a producing and presenting institution that runs a year-round program of changing exhibitions, seasons in contemporary dance, theatre and performance and a range of interdisciplinary projects.

“Housed in a large and striking heritage building in the heart of Perth, Western Australia, PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) is the city’s focal point for those wishing to experience the best of Australian and international visual, performance and interdisciplinary art. It boasts one of the largest and most breath-taking exhibition spaces in Australia and has become known for the leading role it plays in the presentation of significant new work. PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts)’s key aim is to promote, support and present contemporary arts and to stimulate critical discussion around the arts and broader cultural issues. Providing a site for experimentation, critical analysis, discussion and debate is fundamental to its charter. PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) is known for the rigor and breadth of its artistic and education programs, high production standards and impeccable presentation. In many aspects of its operations, PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) might be understood as an incubator: providing resources, mentoring and support for both emerging and mature artists whilst promoting new and emerging ideas, forms and practices to the broader community. PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) is an icon of contemporary thinking – it is a catalyst for innovative and ground-breaking art and culture. Not constrained by convention, PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) gives artists and audiences a glimpse of what is possible.”

Information above quoted from https://pica.org.au/about/about-pica/.