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Dan Galeria • São Paulo, Brazil • https://www.dangaleria.com.br/

Dan Galeria’s aim is to always work with important Brazilian and international artists, in a constant progression from historical to contemporary artists.

“J. Peter Cohn and Glaucia Cohn in Sao Paulo, aiming to contribute to the development of Brazilian art, founded Dan Galeria in 1972. In the first years of activity the gallery focused exclusively on Brazilian modern art featuring works of important artists of the modernist movement as: E. Di Cavalcanti, Antonio Gomide, Ismael Nery, Tarsila Do Amaral and others. Gradually the gallery incorporated artists such as Aldo Bonadei, Alfredo Volpi, Cicero Dias, Antonio Bandeira, Yolanda Mohalyi. Flavio Cohn and more recently, Ulisses Cohn, joined the gallery and are also directors of the international and contemporary departments. Having exhibited artists such as Lygia Clark, Lothar Charoux Luiz Sacilotto, Gonçalo Ivo, Ascanio MMM, Macaparana Sergio Fingermann and international as Sol Lewit, Antoni Tapies, Jesus Soto, Marco Maggi, César Paternosto, Knopp Ferro, Adolfo Estrada, Eduardo Stupía, Bob Nugent, Almir Mavignier.”

Information above quoted from https://www.dangaleria.com.br/sobre.aspx.