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Aa collections • Vienna, Austria • http://www.aacollections.net/

Since 2012, the gallery has focused on contemporary art and presented different projects on a regular basis.

“Aa Collections Gallery started as a private collection of fine art from the 19/20 Century. In search of a bigger space and new grounds, Aa Collections changed their location to Reindorfgasse 9/2/R01 in the 15th district where they have their present showroom together with the Viennese Ceramic Manufacture Edelzeug & Meilenstein. The artist Rina Grinn is leading the gallery since 2010 and supporting the Viennese and international emerging art scene. Since 2012, the artist Georgij Melnikov joined as assisting curator. Together they have organized more then 100 Projects until now and much more are about to come.”

Information above quoted from http://www.aacollections.net/about-us.html.