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Kubikgallery • Porto, Portugal • https://www.kubikgallery.com/

The Kubikgallery is a contemporary art space for artistic dissemination, also achieved by representing Portuguese and foreign artists at international fairs. 

“Kubikgallery presents itself as an innovative, bold, ambitious and, above all, active and present gallery, moving at a pace that pulsates. In this way, it seeks to promote cultural exchange, enriching the exhibition of art and the public's knowledge of it. At the same time, as a cultural and artistic entity, the gallery strives to encourage the dissemination and growth of contemporary production and creation, promoting its artists and allying themselves with their professional and creative development, striving for professionalism and quality. Through its unique exhibition space, various forms of curatorship, practices and concepts are made possible, thus opening up the field of aesthetic experience for both creators and spectators.”

Information above (translated /) quoted from https://www.kubikgallery.com/sobre.html.