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Gallery 133 • Toronto, Canada • www.gallery133.com

Gallery 133 has been operating since 1991 and is an expansive 5,000 square foot gallery dedicated to exhibiting the works of Canadian and International artists in a welcoming environment allowing visitors to fully engage in the Gallery experience.

“The Gallery showcases an eclectic group of artists featuring works on canvas, original works on paper, photography, sculpture and glass. Artists range from emerging to established, who are held in both private and public collections. The constant rotation of work within the Gallery renews every visit and brings vitality to the space that is unique to Gallery 133. Our knowledgeable and professional staff of art consultants are here to assist both the neophyte and experienced collector. The Gallery provides an array of services including site consultation, delivery and installation, framing solutions, restoration and appraisals. The Gallery will consign artwork on approval as well as art rental for staging or commercial use. Gallery 133 also has a contract division working with the design and architectural community for institutional and hospitality projects. This division can source, procure, frame, and install work for public spaces, including corporations, public lobbies, with the ability to create commissioned works for unique spaces.”

Information above quoted from http://gallery133.com/about/.