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GALERIE ROTHER WINTER • Wiesbaden, Germany • www.rother-winter.de

Art motivates new creative approaches, allows a change in perspective, heightens our senses, puts things in a new context and creates a unique atmosphere in every home.

Since the two gallery owners Christine Rother and Elvira Mann-Winter merged to form the joint GALERIE ROTHER WINTER in November 2013, located in Taunusstraße 52, Wiesbaden, they organized more than 50 exhibitions in Wiesbaden and participated in several art fairs. On October 1st, 2019, Elvira Mann-Winter transferred her shares in Galerie Rother Winter to Christian Rother, the son of Christine Rother. Christian Rother will continue to run the gallery with his mother under the name Rother Winter. This takeover by the young generation is intended to ensure the successful continued existence of the gallery in the future. The gallery will continue to work with their successful artists and will show new, young artists in the future. Newcomer 2019 was Tim Bengel, a young artist famous in social media. Last projects were the exhibition “Luminous” at Henkell, the seventh masterpieces exhibition and the third participation in Art Miami in December 2019.