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Bucharest International Dance Film Festival • Bucharest, Romania • www.bidff.ro

Bucharest International Dance Film Festival is a festival in Romania dedicated to dance films, which was founded out of love for the dance film genre, with the scope of promoting artists that work across genres and presenting cinematographic works in which the language of the body explores strong narratives.

“The program of the festival consists of film screenings, visual art exhibitions and installations, performances, concerts, lectures, workshops and masterclasses. Bucharest International Dance Film Festival takes place in the most popular sites in Bucharest, combining art house cinemas, open-air screenings (rooftop or urban gardens), performance venues, galleries and museums. Influential artists join the festival as guests and mentors, while a wide range of scholars, film producers and distributors, both local and international, connect through the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival network of activities. We aim to connect professionals from arts, through a manifestation in which hybridization becomes an essential base for innovation. Choreographers as Chris Haring (AT), Sharon Fridman (ES), Florin Fieroiu (RO), meet directors Tomer Heymann (IS), Peter Schneider (USA), meet specialist as Guy Cools (BE), Helena Jonsdottir (IL), Claudia Kappenberg (UK), Andy Wood (UK), meet film producers Ada Solomon (RO), Gullin Ustun (TK), meet visual artists Claudia Hart (USA), Alex Mirutziu (RO), emerging artists meet mid-career artists in a range of activities that involve a discursive approach towards dance filmmaking. Regionally, Bucharest International Dance Film Festival functions as a meeting point between artistic visions and cultural organizations, promoting a new prototype of collaboration. We want to envision a realistic perspective regarding the means of production of a dance film and present the most active creative hot-spots around the world, doubled by resourceful collaborations between artistic sectors. Since 2017, under the umbrella of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, we have developed EXPAND. This platform crisscrosses the festival, by supporting cinematographic projects in development and the networking between dance and film industries.”

Information above quoted from http://www.bidff.ro/eng#aboutbidff.