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Double Square Gallery • Taipei, Taiwan • www.doublesquare.com.tw

Double Square Gallery (双方藝廊) established in 2015, Taipei, is an art space that emphasizes the promotion of art, curatorial practice, publishing, research and art collection services as its core values.

“The name Double Square (in Chinese also meaning double sides) is taken from the two rectangular spaces configuration that created the Gallery space, it is at the same time, the expression of the physical space and the conceptual value of the gallery. It is expected from the establishment of the Gallery and its business operations, to redefine in this era, the role and attitude of galleries, highlighting artistic production in the contemporary international environment, exhibition patterns, academic research, exhibition space planning, international exchange and development direction of training and resource exchange.”

Information above quoted from http://www.doublesquare.com.tw/en/about.