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Concordia Gallery at Concordia Beeldende Kunst Art Center • Enschede, The Netherlands • https://www.concordia.nl/beeldende-kunst/

Concordia Gallery is an exhibition space in Enschede’s Oude Markt that also includes art rentals and an online shopping portal.

 “In Enschede's most beautiful theater on the Oude Markt, the public can enjoy high-profile national and international events, top movies, theater performances of emerging talent and well-known makers, musical theater, mini-opera and enchanting youth theater.  Concordia makes art self-evident, at three beautiful locations in the heart of Enschede. The location on the Langestraat has continuous exhibitions in various visual arts disciplines of (inter) national artists. Concordia also has its own art collection there to rent, for every empty wall in the home and office. The store is the place to be if you are looking for a unique and surprising gift, local, conscious and surprising. Shopping is now also possible via our Online store! Concordia makes art natural.”

Information above quoted from https://www.concordia.nl/over-concordia.