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Andrea Nuovo Home Gallery • Naples, Italy • www.andreanuovo.com

The Andrea Nuovo Home Gallery was founded in 2018, with the clear desire to dedicate space to the promotion of contemporary art and in parallel to carry out a permanent research activity in the specific field, proposing national and international artists.

“Partly a residence, largely an exhibition space, it is located inside the Carafa di Noja palace (1675) on the Pizzofalcone hill. An intimate space but at the same time conceived to be lived and visited. Divided into two levels, each with its own personality and value, but interconnected. The upper floor overlooks a wonderful roof garden … Aims to explore every expression of contemporary artistic research, also making itself available as a multifunctional space. Its main objective will be to become a real home for art in all its forms and declinations. We have consistently set ourselves the primary objective of putting in place a regular and well-considered programming that offers an experimental vision of the artistic proposals, supported by a curatorial and critical planning entrusted to art historians and specialists of the subject who will alternate periodically, chosen made with the aim of bringing continuous lifeblood to the project.”

Information above quoted from https://www.andreanuovo.com/about-us/.