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Plein sud • Longueuil, Canada • https://www.plein-sud.org

Plein sud is a multidisciplinary presenter of current and contemporary art, whose mandate is to present temporary exhibitions of professional artists of regional, national and international origin and to promote their interpretation and understanding among a large audience.

“These guidelines aim to encourage and facilitate research, creation and innovation among recognized professional artists as well as emerging artists, with the constant concern to contribute to the advancement and development of current and contemporary art. Plein Sud's program includes temporary individual or collective exhibitions that reflect the various approaches defended in the field of contemporary art. In the same spirit of representativeness, Plein sud is also committed to offering exhibitions by artists from various origins and from all generations. It therefore offers exhibitions of artists at the beginning of their careers and artists in mid-career as well as exhibitions of major artists who report more in-depth research in current art or who testify to a particular contribution to the history of Quebec and Canadian art. To complete this aspect of its mandate, Plein sud also awards an annual grant to an emerging artist. The Plein sud scholarship of $ 3,000 is accompanied by an individual exhibition dedicated to the winner during the annual program. A large part of Plein Sud's mission is also devoted to art publishing. To add to their understanding and sustainability, all exhibitions are supplemented by a publication: booklet, monograph.”

Information above quoted from https://www.plein-sud.org/Mission.html.