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Karen Eichler Fine Art • California, USA • https://www.kareneichlerfineart.com/fineideasandart/

The Office of Fine Ideas and Art is the creative office of Karen Eichler Fine Art.  The office partners with local and regional artisans working in public and private spaces, and practicing in many disciplines.

“The storefront is a reimagined takeout window that provides a glimpse into the role of art, crafts, design, culture, and merchants in the activation of the streetscape.  In the spirit of Jane Jacobs’ observation, ‘The trust of a city street is formed over time from many, many little public sidewalk contacts…most of it is ostensibly trivial, but the sum is not trivial at all,’ community outreach and reciprocity among participants is encouraged.  The Office of Fine Ideas and Art looks forward to presenting many fine ideas and art and we are happy to arrange deliveries of Fine Ideas and Art.”

Information above quoted from https://www.kareneichlerfineart.com/fineideasandart/.