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Gallery Store • Poznań, Poland • https://www.gallerystore.pl/

From the very beginning, Gallery Store has been actively supporting the art market, putting special emphasis on promoting the work of young artists through exhibition and commercial activities.

“Gallerystore.pl is a place where we combine passion with experience. We not only help to assess, verify and facilitate the purchase of a specific work of art, but also integrate artists, art historians and collectors through active exhibition activities. By choosing works by artists from our gallery, you get a guarantee of the quality of all works. We present original works by young Polish artists in the field of oil and acrylic painting, as well as graphics and drawing, digital graphics, photography, ceramics and applied art. Carefully selected works constitute a rich collection of extraordinary works that still find their audience among seasoned collectors and people starting their adventure with contemporary art.”

Information above quoted from https://www.gallerystore.pl/o-nas.html.