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'ace • Buenos Aires, Argentina https://www.proyectoace.org/

Fundación 'ace is a non-profit private organization, seeking to build bridges that connect foreign artists with Argentine artists and all of them with the urban and social environment of the city of Buenos Aires.

“ 'ace's MISSION is to stimulate all kinds of initiatives or activities related to contemporary art, be they educational, artistic or social. Its VISION is to create a platform that contributes to the promotion of art and culture in general, as well as to develop initiatives in the community looking forward to build values through art. The foundation has as GENERAL OBJECTIVES to contribute to the professional improvement of the artists; to motivate the generation of ideas and innovative practices and to promote international cultural exchange and, as PARTICULAR OBJECTIVES, among others, to give continuity to Proyecto´ace, an international artist-in-residence program and cultural exchange. Within this general framework, ´ace offers residencies, exhibitions, open studies, projects with the local community, international projects (both in our house and in foreign institutions), portfolios reviews, seminars, workshops. The foundation also provides scholarships and exchanges agreements that give the Argentine artists opportunities for an international career. From Alaska to Tasmania, ´ace has connected the international artistic community with the art, the artists and the city of Buenos Aires, symmetrically promoting a network of global relationships with foreign artists and institutions participating in our programs and activities.”

Information above quoted from https://www.proyectoace.org/en/who-we-are/.