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Environmental Programs

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Photo caption / Illustration: 'Dialogue between the shores' by Irina Vasileva, 2020

BEE TIME · ART & ECOLOGY RESEARCH PROJECTS • Santa Lucía - Vejer de la Frontera, Spain • www.beetime.net

BEE TIME · ART & ECOLOGY RESEARCH PROJECTS is a socially engaged art project - designing and producing creative projects to engage communities with a sense of place.

“'It’s the act of weaving to what we can call our art. Our needles are bee stings, our thread is made of its flight, the tapestry – pieces of stories, memories that we see. We give value to the weak, to what is broken, to what is continually being redone.'”  Since 2016 we are developing the Bee Time Residencies, The Natural Beekeeping Community Apijanda, Relational Art Exhibitions and Social Cinema projects.  We are currently involved in the development of the exhibition: BARBA-T - Art, science and participation in the Barbate River Basin. A commitment to collective intelligenceBARBA-T is an active exhibition/laboratory, where scientific studies of the Barbate River basin are brought into conversation with the voices of the local inhabitants. The exhibition program is complemented by a series of socially interactive on-going projects, round table discussions, collective mapping work and other actions to support the regeneration of certain degraded ecosystems, enhance the most resilient ones, and develop municipal programs that propose respectful and conscious attitudes towards conservation.