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Wild New Territories (WNT) • Vancouver, Canada • http://www.wildnewterritories.com

Wild New Territories features a broad cross-section of award winning and emerging contemporary artists from a variety of geographic regions considering diverse perspectives on the ecological and social impact of urban growth on the environment.

“Linking cultural and environmental ecologies, Wild New Territories presented themes that reflect the complex interconnectedness of all things, highlighting issues surrounding an uncertain environment and the potential collapse of ecosystems within historically charged urban contexts. By locating contemporary art in some of the world’s most creative urban habitat initiatives, this multi-platform event entered ‘wild new territories,’ both physically and metaphorically, generating new ideas in understanding and evolving urban and wild dynamic.”

Information above quoted from http://www.wildnewterritories.com/images/-Wild%20New%20Territories%20PRESS%20RELEASE%20NEW.jpeg.