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Environmental Programs

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Valley of the Possible • Curacautín, Chile • www.valleyofthepossible.com

Valley of the Possible is an independent cultural non-profit that offers artists, scientists and other thinkers and makers a place to connect with nature, time for research and space for artistic development.

“Through open calls and curated programs, we encourage interhemispheric, intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange. We invite up-and-coming artists, established professionals and other visionary spirits from all disciplines and backgrounds with interest in subjects related to, and at the intersection of, art, ecology, science and (Indigenous) culture. In conjunction with curators, we produce tailor-made programs exploring specific themes. Additionally, we offer a platform to investigate an inclusive and community-led model for the rewilding and regeneration of nature and specifically this remote valley in the Chilean Andes. Through this continuous collaborative process, we are slowly building a soon to be refuge for art and research.”

Information above quoted from https://valleyofthepossible.com/about.