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Environmental Programs

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TESA Creative Center • New Taipei City, Taiwan • https://www.tesacc.com/

Our place is a part of the sustainable ecosystem in nature and we welcome artists from all over the world to experience the space and the environment, to exchange thoughts and to develop their artworks.

Founded in 2018, TESA Creative Center addresses environmental concerns and sustainable ecology to inspire thoughts about art, spaces, and the environment. Its Artist-in-Residence provides artists excellent places for art-making, living, research and exchange. Artists are encouraged to derive inspiration from the area’s seascape, preserves, and the natural surroundings. The main goal is to provide artists with dedicated time to work on their projects without interruption, and deepen intercultural dialogue among artists. Artists are also encouraged to contribute to the communities with art actions, performances and workshops. TESA Creative Center provides a dynamic time frame for working, and also networks with galleries, museums, and cultural institutions.