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Environmental Programs

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LILHA • San Francisco, Mexico • http://lilha.org/

LILHA is a non-profit civil association, created in 2015 to work on issues related to the environment and society through art.

“Art is essential for the growth and fulfillment of each person as a vehicle for human expression. It is the linking tool between people, the bridge to bring together and reconcile differences. Our mission can be expressed in three main areas: generate human experiences of individual, social and environmental transformation to achieve a better quality of life; contribute to social integration by promoting artistic processes that promote the collaborative participation of the local community; stimulate a regenerative, integral and sensitive awareness in the training of artists as agents of change through the development of initiatives and activities. LILHA is part of a reflective, committed and participatory artistic community, with an interest in transcending the impact of the work of art and the processes of its members, which offer possibilities for personal and social transformation.”

Information above quoted from https://lilha.org/sample-page/filosofia/.