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Cambridge Creation Lab • Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA • http://www.cambridgecreationlab.com/

Cambridge Creation Lab (CCL) provides interdisciplinary research-based courses so that students are prepared to pursue innovative research in the arts and sciences.

“Our mission is the development of creative expression of the sense of self, visual or aural metaphors, narrative, and poetic thinking, design perspectives that are grounded in the mindful investigations into art and science that influence almost all our everyday experiences. Our research-led teaching means that students are invited right inside how we discover and uncover the processes that underpin the making of creative thinking, designing and performance. Through words, drawings, compositions, choreographies and silhouettes of all that lies in between-we plunge into the unspeakable region of our memory or subconscious mind to see, know and express, restore, reframe and reconnect with the truest versions of who we truly are.”

Information above quoted from http://www.cambridgecreationlab.com/About/.