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Coletivo 7Jovens • São Paulo, Brazil • https://www.7jovens.com.br/

Coletivo 7Jovens is a meeting point for children, teenagers, adults and families in the neighborhood of Brasilândia.

“Brasilândia is a neighborhood north of the city of São Paulo, which began to take shape in the 1930s, when farms became residential centers. Located in Pedro Pomar, the square is surrounded by streets named after fighters: Olga Benario, Steve Bico, Patrice Lumumba, Carlos Lamarca and Carlos Marighela. The name of the square is a tribute to 7 young people killed in a massacre that occurred on February 2, 2007 in the region of Brasilândia. It was a place abandoned by the government and poorly assisted. It is then that this process of occupation of the space begins, transforming it into a place of coexistence and exchange of repertoires. It is thanks to the initiative of educators and people that the a 'scenario is modified through the construction of a new imaginary in the district, encouraging the entry of new characters in the peripheral cultural scene such as' COLECTIF 7 Jovens' and projects like the ‘Samba do Bowl,’ every first Sunday since 2013. Offering them more than psychological assistance, English classes, cinema, battle of rhymes, graffiti, texts and poetry readings, skateboard, mini golf, two sports fields and a clean water source. ‘It is better to hear the sound of samba than the sound of gunfire,’ says Fábio Lol, artist, art educator, organizer of the Samba Bowl and participant in this photo essay. Unfortunately, in 2014, there was a new massacre and three young people, friends of the participants in this report, were brutally murdered in the square. Until now, these crimes have never been solved, but they served to raise the community's awareness of the importance of the place.”

Information above quoted from https://www.7jovens.com.br/photoreporter-2109.