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Colective GyB ByG • Mexico City, Mexico • www.gyb-byg.blogspot.com

GyB ByG is a nonprofit collective that seeks to link the community of the neighborhood of la Merced and surrounding areas with art, crafts and other disciplines, promoting free multidisciplinary workshops, exhibitions, presentations, film and video screenings, club of friends and specific projects.

“We manage spaces that are appropriate and accessible to the community. The activities and events that will take place are organized in conjunction with the community. We do not try to impose what we find important or necessary for this, but make possible the wishes and needs of the community. Also, we implement a ‘Time Bank’ working system, which allows us to consolidate a team and generate significant changes within the community. The work we do is based on our right to culture and human development in a suitable environment, where people have choices and can develop their potential freely and in a responsible way, promoting the participation and exchange processes in the development of cultural activities, considering people who are in the process as participants / actors / producers, in a horizontal dialogue sharing knowledge and skills.”

Information above quoted from http://gyb-byg.blogspot.com/p/acerca-de-gyb-byg.html.