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Le 6b • Saint-Denis, France • http://www.le6b.fr/

Installed in a former industrial building in the heart of Néaucité in Saint-Denis, the association Le 6b is a shared workplace, an experimental space open to the territory, and a cultural hotspot of Greater Paris, opened since 2010.

“Le 6b attracts a community of regulars, who have experienced unforgettable moments with concerts, debates, performances and exhibitions. It provides professionals in the creative professions with 170 private workshops at affordable prices as well as shared spaces for creation, dissemination and conviviality. There are musicians, filmmakers, graphic designers, artisans, social workers, actors, dancers, painters, sculptors, architects. Le 6b offers a framework that is conducive to creation and experimentation in all its forms. Between exhibitions, shows, seminars, conferences, local cultural actions, ephemeral festivals, Le 6b offers a platform for reflection where residents and actors of community, cultural, economic and political life are invited to create a culture of ‘living together’ to invent an evolving metropolis.”

Information above quoted from http://archives-6b.fr/presentation/.