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Kubrick • Hong Kong, China • http://www.kubrick.com.hk

Located next to Broadway Cinematheque, a small four-house cinema block that features a number of film festivals and shows many unconventional art films, Kubrick strives to be one of the best film bookstores and disc stores in town.

“When our predecessor, P.O.V Bookstore (which focused on gender and film books) closed, Kubrik took over their space in November, 2001. In our early years, we had already been launching talks and workshops with local writers and film makers. Though we did not have much space, we tried to make our place available for anything. In the summer of 2007, we had our first taste of Kubrick Friday live, which is a music program we worked hand-in-hand with local and foreign musicians inside our bookstore. Kubrick is not only a bookstore, but also a publisher since 2003. Over 30 titles of books ranging from gender to social concerns have been published and the number continues to rise. We also have our disc store and movie memorabilia shop inside the Cinematheque, and we strive to acquire the best art film DVDs, soundtracks, movie posters and indie music CDs from all over the world. Our cafe might not be the best restaurant in town, but it is definitely one of the most energetic cafe shops where you can relax for an afternoon with a cup of fine coffee and some little treats. Besides Yau Ma Tei, Kubrick also has a tiny shop in Kwun Tong apm. This shop is chiefly the paradise of handmade accessories from local and foreign artists. Besides Hong Kong, now there are Kubrick shops in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Chongqing.”

Information above quoted from http://www.kubrick.com.hk/index.php/en_us/about/?___from_store=zh_hk.