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Urban Boat • Compiègne, France • http://www.urbanboat.fr

Place of diffusion thanks to its floating outdoor stage, Urban Boat can accommodate concerts, performances, projections, and with its residence booths, or a large workspace and a sound creation studio, under development, it is also a real place to live and work (artists in creation, training in different fields, professional meetings or privatizations).

The Thabor barge is designed as an itinerant cultural dissemination tool, offering transdisciplinary programming in the fields of music, visual arts and urban arts, and which can be imagined with different types of partnerships (institutions, artistic and cultural venues, festivals …). Beyond its artistic program, Urban Boat is also designed as a living and working space but also as a meeting place for cultural professionals. In this perspective, the boat is equipped with a workspace, accommodation for resident artists and soon a recording studio. Urban Boat can therefore host seminars, conferences, round tables ... It is also a place of nomadic residences, during which artists invited to several stages of the river route will be able to work on their projects (sound recordings, sound captures in the territories crossed, writing…) or sedentary.