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Radio Dordogne France • Vezac, France • http://www.radiodordogne.com/category/les-creations/#post2397 

On the lookout for everyday or extraordinary sounds, Radio Dordogne wishes to share our taste for soundscapes in its special sound studio.

“The recordings are preceded by research, meetings, discoveries. We collect the sounds and then compose radio pieces of different lengths. Some are transformed into thematic series, others are simply delivered as autonomous sound pads. Specific orders are also offered to other artists. The lived, dreamed or remembered environment is heard through the filter of sound creation: it is a sensitive approach to the riches of the Dordogne that we offer to its inhabitants and visitors. Available at any time, Radio Dordogne will become, over time, a creative and evolving sound library where all the dimensions of the territory are to be listened to, like a poetic and sound anthology of Périgord.”

Information above quoted from http://www.radiodordogne.com/projet/.