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Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia • Pucallpa, Peru • https://www.centroselva.com/

The Cultural Association Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia was created in 2012 with a mission of providing a space for education, research and international cultural activities in the combined areas of art and science in the Central Amazon Region of Peru.

“All programs are very personal and provided in a family atmosphere. Centro Selva’s main activities have been international artist residency programs where national and international multidisciplinary artists stay and experience the Amazon region. During their stay, artists experience the region’s culture, while creating art, ultimately exhibiting and presenting their art in Pucallpa and Lima. Centro Selva has hosted artists form more than ten different countries from all over the world. During these years we have hosted artists from: Australia, Belgaum, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, Slovakia, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, Mexico, Zambia, Peru among others.”

Information above quoted from https://www.centroselva.com/the-center/.