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Centoequatro • Belo Horizonte, Brazil • www.centoequatro.org

Centoequatro is an art space of culture and innovation open to artistic occupation, debate and training.

“Created in 2009, it is installed in a listed building, built in 1906 to house the first factory in the new capital of Minas Gerais - Companhia Industrial Belo Horizonte, and is part of the Praça da Estação Landscape and Architectural Complex - an area prioritized by the project to revitalize the downtown. Due to its privileged location, Centoequatro presents itself as a point of cultural convergence in the hyper center of BH - free land for production and access to culture. Changeable and multipurpose, it assumes a two-way program, with its own projects and interventions proposed by organizations, collectives and individuals committed to culture and artistic-intellectual production. In this way, it guarantees its plurality and dynamism, contributing to the socio-cultural reflection of the surroundings and to the processes of construction of art and culture. Centoequatro's actions are guided by technical, artistic and aesthetic quality, fostering interdisciplinary actions and enabling the experimentation of new languages ​​and paths for the production of thought. Centoequatro supports and is a partner of Instituto Libertas, a project that provides for the creation of spaces for socializing and artistic expression in the municipality of Moeda, in order to enhance local production and trade in dairy products, sweets and stills, to the detriment of the advancement of speculation mining activity in the locality.”

Information above quoted from https://www.centoequatro.org/cento-e-quatro.