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KunstRaumRhein • Basel, Switzerland • www.kunstraumrhein.ch

The KunstRaumRhein is a non-profit initiative based in Basel.

“The KunstRaumRhein team oversees a research colloquium (On the Future of Human Dignity) at the University of Basel; and, in Dornach, social and humanities texts and DVD productions (such as the “Entgegensrechen”) as well as literary publications (both prose and poetry), which are available to the public. Another aim of the association is to create places for children and young people from crisis areas (Tarok initiative) to gather. Art exhibitions and cultural events (seminars, readings, lectures, concerts, etc.) take place at the KunstRaumRhein’s large hall in Dornach, where guest rooms are also available.”

Information above quoted (and translated) from https://old.kunstraumrhein.ch/home/kunstraumrhein/ueber-krr.html.