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C-PLATFORM • Xiamen, China • https://www.c-platform.org/ 

C-PLATFORM: Connecting nature, culture and the future.

C-PLATFORM was founded in Xiamen, China in 2012. It is a non-profit culture and art research and curatorial organization supported by LUCITOPIA CULTURE. C-PLATFORM, cooperating with global researchers, curators, artists, designers and burgeoning creative groups to jointly generate its series of programs, focuses on issues of research and the creative development of nature, culture and a sustainable future.  Currently, C-PLATFORM's focus is on the four main programs: Future Institute is featuring research programs focusing on nature, culture and a sustainable future, initiated by C-PLATFORM; Infinite Theater is featuring exhibition and performance programs, launched by C-PLATFORM and characterized by inter-media languages, multi-role identities and an undermined sense of cultural boundaries; C Academy is featuring educational programs founded by C-PLATFORM, focusing on contemporary art, design and creativity; Lucitopia Residency is featuring an international resident program, planned and initiated by the C-PLATFORM, that involves researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds of interdisciplinary and mixed-media studies to explore the possibilities of specific spatial fields.