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Indian Colours • Online and in various cities throughout India • www.indiancolours.com

Indian Colours was founded with the belief that art is too awesome to just hang on walls, aiming to reach the masses and create contemporary Indian art on objects that people can use every day.

“It [Indian Colours] is the brainchild of Jasmine Shah Varma, curator and writer on art. She says: ‘My endeavor is to bring in newer audiences and for them to understand the medium of visual art in India. Contemporary art of a country need not be a privilege of just a few, it should reach the masses.’  We have tied up with some of the finest contemporary artists in the country, and adapted their creations into modern designs for objects of everyday utility. We aim to widen appreciation of their work, and make it more accessible. If you love art, you no longer need to view it from a distance – you can make it a part of your life. Typically, paintings by the artists we work with sell for a few hundred thousand. These can be seen only in art exhibitions in galleries and museums. They are perhaps available for viewing to the public once or probably twice in the life of the painting. We make an artwork accessible in multiple places at once online and through shops. Our price range starts at Rs 250 for art by any noted artist in our repertoire.”

Information above quoted from http://www.indiancolours.com/About-Us-pid-74331.html.