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NexUs Culture Nepal • Kathmandu, Nepal • http://nexusculturenepal.com.np/

NexUs is a collaborative community space that uses artivism as a tool to sensitize the public towards socio-political issues.

“NexUs is the brain child of a successful Nepalese activist community organization: LASANAA. It means art in Newari, the indigenous language group of Kathmandu. LASANAA has successfully driven art projects since 2007, bringing Nepali artists, art and the community together to explore ideas, promote art and activism, and collaboration. NexUs is based in central Kathmandu, an easy access point for people across the city. All the materials used are being recycled and upcycled. After the setup/startup period, NexUs will become a self-funding social enterprise via the book / art cafe, the sale of artworks contributed by members, the organic farmers market and the artist in residence program. It is a space that is so desperately needed in Kathmandu. Up until this point the community has not had a central space to gather to creatively and critically think, collaborate, create meaning and heal.”

Information above quoted from http://nexusculturenepal.com.np/about/.