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LASANAA • Maitri Marg, Nepal • www.lasanaa.org.np

LASANAA is a non-profit art organization established in 2007 for the promotion of contemporary Nepali art.

“With artivism (art+activism) at its core, LASANAA has been working to encourage collaborations (between artists and communities), and to promote learning through the exchange of ideas. The organization’s goal is to promote the exploration of media beyond the conventional and the traditional methods in order to create art that serves a grander purpose other than just self-expression; to use art for change. LASANAA is an alternative art space with the credo of bringing people together, and allow learning through idea exchange. LASANAA provides an opportunity for national and international artists to explore art forms beyond the conventional and traditional, in order to arrive at a unique individual expression. LASANAA’s main objective is to bring about change in society – on social, cultural and political levels, through its artivism (art + activism).”

Information above quoted from http://lasanaa.org.np/about-lasanaa/.