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AWI NPO - Art World Institute Asbl • Brussel, Belgium • http://www.awi.fund/

Art to change society: a rediscovered cultural renovation which allows a radical transformation in terms of the global economic system.

Starting from a radical criticism, Awi NPO delves into capitalism paradoxes such as economy, environment challenges, migrations and international financial system. Without denying the societal advances that are linked to human development, our intuition is driving us to attempt to show, through the art medium, that financial industrialization is a failure of historic proportions and is responsible for the violent destruction of the earth's resources and for the exploitation of the weakest. This incredible mistake must be corrected if humankind wants to maintain a balanced evolution. Art is a “universal symbol” connecting people in time and space and is the most appropriate means to demand for justice. It’s a concrete reflection on Humanity in this world closely related to the times we have recently come across. Art reminds us of the power of small invisible things and how they can revolutionize our everyday life. This peculiar interpretation of the world has many things in common with the changes provoked by the crisis of which humankind suffered due to Covid-19. A schedule of exhibitions - to spread this unconventional concept to the public – is planned to take place involving the official presentation of the sculpture “Don Quixote’s return” by Paul-Yves Poumay.