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Artists for Social Justice 2020 • Global • https://www.artistsforsocialjustice2020.com/

In response to the current political crises in America, a cadre of diverse and talented artists are launching a year-long cross-country show into the heartland of America, united by the belief that art is and should be a catalyst for change.

“These timely exhibitions support those who are striving for freedom and resisting oppression . . .  The tour remains virtual due to the Covid-19 crisis, but was launched digitally at the Social Distance Festival out of Toronto, Canada and in October 2020 at the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College. 2021 exhibits include the ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation in Chicago, and to the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary art from mid-August to October, 2021.”

Information above quoted from https://www.artistsforsocialjustice2020.com/about.